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with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Natural Aesthetics Treatments

Find out if bioidentical hormone therapy could help you.

Restore your health and vitality with our cutting-edge aesthetic treatments and hormone therapy.

Invigorating hormone treatments and age-defying procedures help you get the most out of life. Our all-natural formulations, expert knowledge, and top-tier patient care make Restorative Health the next-best-thing to the Fountain of Youth.

Natural Treatments

Our ingredients are found in nature and are produced in your body. They’re both safe and effective – a smart choice for combating signs of aging.

Expert Physicians

Board-certified providers who specialize in hormone therapy, aesthetics, and whole-body health help you achieve your wellness goals.

Close To You

With five locations in the Midwest and the South, there’s likely a Restorative Health location near you.

Why Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Choosing bioidentical hormones over synthesized ones is better for your body. 

Bioidentical hormones replicate the molecular structure of naturally-produced hormones, so they perform better than synthetic ones. Bioidentical hormone replacement can boost your energy and improve sexual performance, satisfaction, and stamina.

Why Aesthetic Treatments?

Your age, lifestyle, and environment can have unwanted effects on your skin. Our wide range of aesthetic treatments, like the vampire facial, vampire facelift, and more, are customized to your needs to keep you looking your best.

Look and Feel Your Best with Help from Restorative Health

Even if you aren’t looking for hormone therapy, you can still find your personal Fountain of Youth at Restorative Health. Release your wrinkles, lose unwanted fat, overcome erectile dysfunction, and restore your hair to its former glory with our wide range of functional medicine treatments.

The Best in the Industry

The founders of Restorative Health knew their bodies needed something, but realized traditional medical clinics couldn’t provide them with it. Restorative Health was born from necessity, to fill a wellness void that both men and women experience.

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