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What Is Low Testosterone?

Men naturally experience yearly decreases in their testosterone levels starting in their mid 20's. Some men experience more drastic decreases than others, which causes low T. Low testosterone is diagnosed when your levels fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?


  • Muscle loss & weight gain

  • Trouble getting or maintaining an erection

  • Reduced sex drive

  • Fatigue & low energy

  • Hair loss

  • Mood changes

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?
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Our Erectile Dysfunction & Low Testosterone Treatments
Trimix Injections (Erectile Dysfunction)

For men who have tried other supplements or medications with no luck, we recommend our Trimix injections. Our propriety formulas are tailored specific to what your body needs. They work quickly and effectively to help you get a firm erection when you want one.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Low blood flow to the penis is a dominant culprit in erectile dysfunction. If low or interrupted blood flow is to blame for your ED, you could benefit from acoustic wave therapy.

This non-invasive procedure uses acoustic waves to encourage your body to form new blood vessels, in a process called neovascularization. With new blood vessels, you have improved blood flow and stronger, longer, natural erections.

Priapus Shot®

This natural therapy uses the power of your own body - with a little help from science - to help you feel younger and more vibrant. After receiving this groundbreaking therapy, men indicate they begin to see effects as soon as the first 24 hours, although it can take up to four months to get full benefits. These benefits include:


  • Penis enhancement, including it growing longer and wider

  • General sexual function and performance

  • Stronger, more powerful orgasms

  • Sexual stamina and increased libido

For men receiving T-shots, a Priapus shot can be the perfect complement for the strongest possible results.

Testosterone Shot (T-Shot)

A simple solution to low testosterone levels is the T-shot, short for testosterone shot. This is an
injection that increases free testosterone levels and overall testosterone levels.


While the T-shot can result in firmer, longer-lasting erections, it also can help men take control
of other health factors:


  • Body fat

  • Muscle development

  • Bone density

  • Red blood cell count

  • Mood

Restorative Health can create an ED treatment plan that works for you. Take the first step and schedule a free, 100% confidential consultation with one of our licensed medical experts today!

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