Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Hair Repair at Restorative Health

Achieve tresses worthy of a celebrity with natural hair restoration treatments at Restorative Health.

We’ll harness the power of your own body and cutting-edge treatments to stimulate follicles to promote new, permanent hair growth.

Your hair is your crowning glory, and it deserves something better than an over-the-counter, big-box store “treatment” that makes big promises, but leaves your follicles empty. These products don’t reverse hair loss – but we can with our advanced approach to hair loss intervention and get you back to looking like your beautiful self.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment Medication for Women

Because women respond differently to hormones than men do, they should not use androgen-dependent medications that dominate male hair loss fixes. Instead, androgen-independent hair loss medication is ideal for treating female hair loss.

Prescription androgen-independent medications work by dilating small blood vessels in the body, which stimulates hair regrowth. Many patients see significant results in as little as three months, and the medication continues to support regrowth for as long as you use it.

Laser Therapy for Hair Restoration

Thinning hair is no match for low-level laser therapy (LLLT)! LLLT alters your hair follicles’ cell metabolism and opens K+ channels within your scalp. This generates electrical signals that tell your hair to grow during the telogen and anagen phases of the hair growth cycle.

Because laser therapy is a non-invasive, in-office hair loss treatment, you can return to your daily routine immediately after your visit to Restorative Health.

The Women’s Hair Growth Cycle

After the exogen phase, the follicle returns to the anagen phase and starts over again.

Hair Repair Grafts

When hair loss is profound, Restorative Health can help you with natural treatment options, so you can get the flowing, thick hair you’ve been dreaming of.

Our in-office hair restoration technique, called follicular unit extraction (FUE), reduces thinning and balding, and looks completely natural upon completion.

During FUE, we gently extract individual follicles from the sides and back of your head – or wherever your hair is thicker – and place them into the scalp where your hair is thinning. You’ll see results within a few months as the hair growth cycle progresses.

Hair today, gone tomorrow? Not anymore.

Prevent further hair loss at Restorative Health.